Major achievements and developments

In 1995-2000 a complex topic was studied titled “Socio-economic, political and cultural development of Transcarpathia after reunification: integration into the nationwide processes.” The third 645-pages volume of the “Essays on the history of Transcarpathia, 1945-1991” was published at its base in 2003. Also in 1995-1999, the following themes have been studied: “The current state of agriculture of Transcarpathia” and “Efficiency of enterprises’ property denationalization and privatization in Transcarpathia.”

In 2000-2001 we have studied topic “Political and economic behavior of multiethnic communities in market conditions” and in 2002-2003 – theme: “Interethnic relations in Transcarpathia: status, trends, ways improvement,” “Feasibility and prospects of the garment industry in the Transcarpathian region” and “Study of public opinion poll in Transcarpathia on political reform. ”

In 2004-2005, two extensive researches were performed on “The Role of the Carpathian Euroregion in the CBC under the expansion of the European Union to the East” and “The influence of the EU enlargement on value orientations and social health of minorities of Transcarpathian region.”

In 2006-2007 the themes “Mechanisms of long-term sustainable economic development at the local and regional levels (the case of Transcarpathian region)” and “Investigation of the influence of structural transformation of the economy of Transcarpathian region on the effectiveness of social resources of the village” had been studied.

Since 2007 the Center is involved in complex scientific project “Intelligent automated information system supporting the budget process at the base of the national supercomputer.”

In 2011, the subject of the study was the theme of “Information-analytical system supporting the budget process at the regional level (Ternopil, Chernivtsi region).”

The study systematically completions available blocks of information management system of budget process supporting at the regional level, for the case of Ternopil and Chernivtsi regions and the features of the economies of these regions to form providing information and parameterization of complex models IASBP.

Also the theme “Scientific support of human potential development of innovative development of Transcarpathia” (2008-2009) was studied;

“Regional approaches to promote Ukraine’s joining the EU” (2009-2010), “The economic transformation of mountain territories of Transcarpathian region: assessment of current state and prospects of development” (2010-2011). The recent research topic summarizes the key trends in socio-economic development of mountainous areas of the Transcarpathian region in terms of market relations from the perspective of the formation of multimodal rural economy, the functioning of the new entities and study of their impact on the life in rural areas. Based on the social survey the feedback was received on the key issues of economic development: the dynamics of formation of business entities, the efficiency of new forms of farming, the state of social infrastructure, trends in the demographic development of the population, the situation in the field of labor relations, employment and living standards and more. Also passports of all 215 mountainous settlements in Transcarpathian region had been compiled, suggestions expressed for regional and local authorities.

Currently the Center explores the theme: “Strategic priorities for economic development of the region by 2020 (based on Transcarpathian region)” and “Adjusting labour migration processes in cross-border region”.

Center scientists are actively involved in the development of conceptual documents for regional authorities. Thus, a comprehensive “Program of socio-economic development of Beregovskogo district for the period 2001-2004, and for the future” was worked out by the Center. In 2001, the Center participated in the development of the “Transcarpathia 2004. Progress in the XXI Century “, and of the “Strategy of socio-economic development of the Transcarpathia region until 2011” in 2004. In 2005, scientists of the Center participated in the development of the scientific and theoretical direction of Strategy of CBC Carpathian Euroregion 2003-2011 for the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration, and in 2006, together with the Institute for Regional Studies of Ukraine participated in the expert evaluation and preparation of development of the Strategy of development of Transcarpathia by 2015.